We’re on a mission

To openly discuss the challenges faced
by women* in engineering.


Our vision is to create a space online to engage in candid conversations about the professional lives of women* in engineering. We know that we are not alone in the struggles we face and we believe that the only way we will find solutions to these challenges is through open discussion.

*women as described by you - we don’t discriminate.

The story behind enggirlproblems

During her undergraduate studies, Elaine Samuel started a private Facebook group called #enggirlproblems for female engineering students at Western University. The group quickly grew as members shared their humorous Western-specific #enggirlproblems. 

In the summer of 2017, Olivia Gillis started her first job in industry and found herself with many questions related to operating as a woman in the engineering workplace. These included how to stand your ground with contractors and how to find women’s pants that will fit a tape measure (she is still working on this one). She knew others had to have similar questions and started toying with the idea of publishing a blog to explore these discussions.

Elaine and Olivia became friends at Western University over their shared love of Doctor Who and currently share an apartment in Toronto, Canada. When the idea of expanding the original #enggirlproblems group to a blogging platform surfaced, it wasn’t long before they were drinking wine and brainstorming for the blog in their kitchen.



Elaine Samuel has a Bachelors of Engineering Science in Environmental Engineering and specialization in International Development, and a Masters of Engineering Science in Environmental Engineering, both from Western University in London, Canada. Elaine is an environmental engineer in training at a civil engineering consulting firm in the Greater Toronto Area. Elaine's wonder of other places and cultures has taken her to 26 countries (and counting), many while solo, meeting new friends along the way. She spends her weekends tap dancing and keeping up to date and supporting her network of amazing friends.


Olivia Gillis has a Bachelors of Engineering Science in Chemical Engineering from Western University in London, Canada. She is is a project manager and process engineer in training for the food industry in Toronto, Ontario. This means that her job is like a behind-the-scenes episode of How It's Made and sometimes even includes free samples. Outside of engineering, she is someone who enjoys getting up early and enjoying a cup of coffee before the city wakes up. She is a passionate advocate for women in STEM and diversity in the workplace who is always looking for ways to give back to causes that put women and minorities first.