our contributors

We know that it isn’t possible to cover every single engineering topic by ourselves. Here are some awesome people that have contributed their thoughts to the blog. If you’re interested in writing for us, let us know.


Lisa MacTavish

Lisa MacTavish has a Bachelors of Engineering Science in Civil/Structural Engineering with a specialization in International Development from Western University in London, Canada. She is a structural engineer at an engineering consulting firm in Niagara Falls, Ontario, working primarily in the hydropower industry. Working on dams means Lisa is often near a lake or river which is great for someone with a deep affection for the outdoors. In her free time, she is often hanging out with friends, listening to or playing music, looking up at the clouds or planning her next vacation. Check out her articles here.


Eric Doerr

Eric Doerr has a Masters of Engineering Science in Biochemical Engineering and a Bachelors of Engineering Science in Chemical Engineering from Western University in London, Canada. He is a scientific and engineering technical consultant at a vaccines manufacturing facility in Toronto, Ontario, working primarily in continuous process improvement and tech transfer. Dealing in biologics and process engineering has Eric meticulously scheduling most aspects of his professional and personal life in his beloved time tracking spreadsheets. In his free time, he is planning his next book club meeting, tending to his wonderful plants throughout the condo, or jet-setting somewhere new in search of history and adventure. Read Eric’s thoughts and his brilliant (brief) history of queerness in engineering here.


Nicholas Zeeb

Nicholas Zeeb has a Bachelors of Engineering Science in Civil/Structural Engineering from Western University and an Honors Business Administration degree from Ivey Business School. He is a structural engineer in training at an engineering consulting firm in downtown Toronto. Nicholas has worked on a variety of diverse projects, ranging from tunnel design, to building reflectivity (death ray) analyses, to designing 3D printed habitats on Mars. Yes, his resume to work with Elon Musk is coming along quite nicely, and he appreciates that you noticed. Find his articles here.


Andi DuMont

Andi DuMont is a water engineer and blogger based in Austin, Texas. Her mission is to construct a narrative of civil engineering with which to foster social enthusiasm for women and futurism in the industry. She showcases the workstyle and lifestyle of a professional engineer and suggests innovative thought leadership to improve our communities. Her blog is www.andromedadumont.com and she can be found on Instagram at @dumontandi. Her latest youtube is from this visit to New Orleans and explains stormbasins and soil composition at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UY6UXzrK68.